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Where are Nostalgic Skin Co personal care products made?

All of our personal care products are proudly crafted in the United States of America. At Nostalgic Skin Co, we are committed to maintaining production within our borders to ensure the highest quality products and uphold fair work standards.

Which bars are best for daily use at Nostalgic Skin Co

For your daily grooming needs, we recommend the following bars from Nostalgic Skin Co:

1. Bay Runner - Exfoliant-Free

2. Cedarwood - Exfoliant-Free

What are some popular Nostalgic Skin Co scents?

Embark on a journey with Nostalgic Skin Co and explore our range of invigorating soap scents. Some of our most sought-after soap fragrances include:

Pine Tar: Embrace the rugged, woodsy, and robust essence, perfect for the man who exudes strength. -

Bay Runner: Immerse yourself in an intoxicating blend of clove, cinnamon, pine, and citrus. If you're looking to mix things up and enjoy a discount, check out our exclusive starter bundles!

Which bars are best for exfoliating at Nostalgic Skin Co?

Elevate your exfoliation experience with Nostalgic Skin Co's:

1. Pine Tar: Rugged, woodsy, and strong, enriched with oatmeal for exfoliation.

2. Activated Charcoal: Energize your shower game with this Pure cleanse for a scrub that supercharges your day.

Remember to be mindful of exfoliation! Choose based on your skin's needs, and adjust frequency for sensitive skin.

Which bars are best for oily skin at Nostalgic Skin Co?

Dealing with oily skin? Nostalgic Skin Co has three fantastic solutions tailored for you:

1. Pine Tar

2. Activated Charcoal

3. Cedarwood

How long does a bar of Nostalgic Skin Co soap last? 

Our soaps usually last around 2-3 weeks with daily use, but it can vary depending on factors like how much lather you create, body hair, how often you use it, and the type of water you have. If you want to make your soap last longer, here are three tips:

1. Store your soap where it can dry between uses, and using a Soap Saver or Soap Gripper can often double its life.

2. After your shower, give the soap a little shake and store it on the Soap Saver to remove any extra water.

3. Instead of using the bar directly under running water, create lather with a loofah or shower cloth. If you don't have a loofah, using your body hair can work too. Some might even say it's the best way for a true soap enthusiast! 

Why does my soap have Lye, a chemical, in it?

Lye is a key part of making handmade, cold-processed soap. It helps turn liquid vegetable oils (like olive and coconut) into the solid soap you use. Don't worry, by the end of the soap-making process, there's actually no lye left in the soap.We mention lye in our soap ingredients to be totally open about how we make it. If you see "lye-free" soaps, they either use different chemicals or just mean there's no lye left in the final soap. In a nutshell, our soaps are entirely made from plants, and there's no lye in the finished product.

How is Nostalgic Skin Co soap better than body wash or shower gel?

Why choose our soap over body wash or shower gel? Well, many body washes might feel gentle because they have moisturizing ingredients called emollients. These make your skin soft but often contain not-so-great chemicals like sodium lauryl sulfate, PEGs, and parabens. Interestingly, these emollients can pull out your skin's existing moisture, which isn't good in the long run! Now, our natural bar soap is different. It hydrates and cleans without harsh chemicals or synthetic skin softeners like body washes do. We use natural exfoliants, like oatmeal and sand, to keep you moisturized and gently remove dirt. Our secret ingredients, like kaolin clay and shea butter, help your skin keep its moisture naturally, without using chemicals that strip away the good stuff your skin needs!

Are your bars hypoallergenic at Nostalgic Skin Co?

While our bars aren't formulated to be hypoallergenic, many customers with sensitive skin have reported positive results using Nostalgic Skin Co soap!

Is it okay for kids and teens to use Nostalgic Skin Co soap?

Absolutely! Our soap is made with natural, good-for-you ingredients. So, even if you're a kid or a teen, you can enjoy a better shower with our soap.

Is your soap Antibacterial?

While our soaps are not formulated to be antibacterial, research shows that normal soap (like our cold-processed, all-natural soap) is as effective as antibacterial soap in preventing infectious illness and keeping good hygiene. Most soaps that are brandeIs d as antibacterial contain triclosan, an ingredient found in a variety of body soaps, cleaning products, and toothpastes. Triclosan is thought to be a likely contributor to the development of antibacterial and antibiotic resistance, as well as damaging to the environment! If you’re looking to stay clean, stick with normal soap!


Do Nostalgic Skin Co products contain gluten?

All of our products are gluten-free except bars containing oatmeal like Pine Tar.